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The First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation, Inc. was established in 1964 to provide for the long-term operation and maintenance of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth’s facilities. 

Gifts to the Foundation are invested, managed, and administered with careful stewardship to under gird the Five Pillars of First United Methodist Church – Vision, Worship, Education, Mission/Outreach, and Music & Fine Arts. Only the earnings are distributed. As a donor, you can take comfort in knowing that your gift to the Foundation will have an impact on the church you love for generations to come. 

FUMC uses the money as needed for improvements to facilities, expansion of ministries, new programs, community activities, and much, much more. Some examples of what Foundation funds have made possible for First United Methodist Church to do include: 

  • Provided funds for church security personnel
  • Purchase the city block on which the First Street Methodist Mission is located
  • Purchase land for parking and maintain parking lots
  • Augment the church’s general budget for maintenance, renovation, insurance premiums, and operations of real property, including eight acres downtown and six acres at Lyle Lodge
  • Renovate the Mission Building and Foundation Building
  • Construct restrooms, remodel dormitories, update caretaker’s home, and install a lawn sprinkler system at Lyle Lodge
  • Install fire alarms in the main church and the Justin building
  • Purchase computer systems for the church
  • Host the Broderick Lyceum Series, the Ballard Series, and the Goosetree Lectures
  • Provide the Internet Broadcast Ministry
  • Tuckpoint and waterproof the main church building to eliminate leaks & water damage
  • Renovate all three floors of the church
  • Repair and replace heating and air conditioning systems

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions pertaining to the Foundation.

  • Q. What is the Foundation?

    A. The First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization established in 1964 for the sole benefit of the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth.

  • Q. What is the Mission and Purpose of the Foundation?

    A. To solicit, receive, maintain and preserve (either absolutely or in trust, as trustee) gifts and bequests which are intended to benefit the First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth, an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code, in whole or in part. To support, benefit, be responsive to the needs of, assist in carrying out the purposes of and to promote the ministries, programs and activities of the church.

  • Q. Why does the church need a foundation?

    A. Historically, the Foundation has provided for capital expenditures, facilities maintenance, repair and renovation of church property, which is not addressed in the operating budget of the church. The Foundation provides financial resources to perpetuate the traditions of the church.

  • Q. Why is the Foundation separate from the church?

    A. The Foundation exists separate and distinct from the budget of the church, intended to serve the ministry of our congregation now and beyond our lifetimes. The Foundation was established to receive and manage gifts and bequests for the perpetual support and to the enhancement of the church’s ministries.

  • A. A Board of Directors consisting of voting members, selected by the nominating committee of the Board, governs the Foundation. There are also emeriti and advisory directors. Meet our current Board of Directors!

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