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What a Joy to Serve: Foundation Year-End Update

From Foundation Executive Director, Sid Johnston:

This time of year, we hear many affirmations of joy in familiar Christmas hymns, seasonal décor, and greetings from friends and loved ones. For myself and the First Methodist Church Foundation’s Board of Directors, we’re feeling joyful about the opportunity to serve the church!

I’m excited to offer you this year-end report on the Foundation’s work and reflect on our many blessings throughout the year. The Foundation’s mission is to develop and maintain a growing endowment fund to provide our church with ongoing, enduring financial support through income generated by legacy gifts and endowment earnings.

In 2019, the Foundation has joyfully released a total of just over $2.4 million to our church, disbursed as follows:

  • $400,000 given in January to begin the year.
  • $400,000 given in April for the second quarter of the year.
  • $1,497,629 was given in the last quarter, split between two equal disbursements made in October and December. This amount was determined in June, based on the previous year’s ending portfolio balances.
  • In addition to these gifts, an additional $171,586.96 was released from other Foundation endowments to support specific church ministries.

It is also a joy of the Foundation Board to have continued the legacy of managing the generosity of many of you through careful stewardship. Over the 55 years since the Foundation’s beginning in 1964, our church has received over $58 million from the earnings of the Foundation.

Ultimately, it is the consistent and reliable generosity of church members like you who have made this joyous legacy possible. Along with the conservative Board’s wise investing in the equity markets as well as staff management, you help sustain the profitability of the Foundation which, in turn, maintains the annual giving to the church and its programs. Programs funded by you through the Foundation include third grade bibles, the Confirmation class, music, worship, scholarships, garden maintenance and many others.

There are many reasons, indeed, to feel joyful as 2019 draws to a close. We know you are prayerfully considering your end of year financial giving to the church operating budget. If, perhaps, you are looking for ways to give beyond that, consider a tax-deductible 2019 gift to the Foundation. As always, we are here to answer your questions and celebrate the year of shared ministry together. Feel free to call me in the Foundation office at 817-336-5698.

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